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This Is Us

We're big believers in the power of a good meal and a friendly place to eat it.

Stop by for fresh, fantastic food, served with a warm smile.


The Best Bite in
the Neighborhood

Having traveled significantly in the past 25 years, for work, having lived around the world, we experienced all kinds of bars and restaurants. Mainly on the customer side, but still, we have experienced so much that we know what we want ourselves. The Brasserie is the result of that quest. We are always ready to make enhancements. We listen to your comments, and act when appropriate.

Here, Bistro meets Gastronomy creating Bistronomique.

From Our Hearts
to Your Plate

The Brasserie is a bistro restaurant with an inspirational culinary cuisine. A new style of fusion cuisine served in a casual ambience. This mouth-watering blend of bistro and gastronomy is the perfect addition to your Foodie bucket list!

The Brasserie is situated to the west of Albufeira, in Sesmarias, close to Galé, the Marina of Albufeira, Praia do Castelo, Praia da Coelho, Praia do Evaristo, all within a few minutes. There are many rental properties close by, as well as some noticeable hotels and resorts, such as Hapimag, the new Marriott W Algarve Hotel & Residences and Vila Joya, the Michelin starred resort down the road, to name a few.

Our outdoor dining is protected from the prevailing wind, which allows for pleasant evenings outside. Even if it is slightly chilly, we provide you with blankets, and we have terrace heaters. When the temperatures really drop at night our log-fired fireplace inside the restaurant makes this the place to be. This makes us a pleasant all year-round dining option.

The Brasserie gets its name from a type of French restaurant found in the North-East of France close to the Belgian border, serving dishes in a relaxed atmosphere, often with an inhouse brewery. Although “The Brasserie” does not yet produce its own beer, we do have a wide selection of Belgian bottled beers to reflect the Belgian roots of one of the owners. We also have the first self-tap dispensing facility in the Algarve. With six taps serving a selection of pilsners and IPA beers, check our Beer menu for the latest additions. At the request of some of our guests we have added a barrel cooler, to reduce the ambient temperature of the kegs. Each guest can hygienically pour his or her own beverage, as much or as little as they wish. Besides the beers, our local wines and cocktails are a must try.

Our chef Alwin is continuously striving to come up with new ideas. Some of these ideas can be found in the exclusive five course Chef’s Surprise menu.

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